Heart of America Grant Professionals

We offer meetings every other month. Topics of discussion include grant research databases, grants from the funder’s perspective, Census Bureau information, logic models, and practical techniques for managing the grant application process. The meetings are typically held from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

The Board would like to welcome the 2024 officers and chairpersons:
  • Natalie Spar, President
  • Sheila Montgomery, GPC, Vice President
  • Kari Cronbaugh-Auld, GPC, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Thom Fox, Board Member
  • Anthony Funari, GPC, Board Member
  • Cindy Lynn, Board Member
  • Sydney Slavin, Board Member
Marketing & Communications Chair: Sydney Slavin
Membership Chairs: Thom Fox & Tammy Swartz
Program Chair: Cindy Lynn
Scholarship Chair: Kari Cronbaugh-Auld
Program Committee Members: Thom Fox, Jill Lawlor, Cindy Lynn
Marketing & Communications Committee Members: Sydney Slavin, Lucy Steyer, Jeff Walker
Membership Committee Members: Thom Fox, Tammy Swartz
Scholarship Committee Members: Kari Cronbaugh-Auld, Allison Harrison
Regional Conference Committee Members: Kari Cronbaugh-Auld, Mark Dunlap, Mallory Gobert, Sheila Montgomery, Tammy Swartz

Heart of America Chapter is affiliated with the national Grant Professionals Association.